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By Pritha Dubey

Discover secrets to combine the Science of Selling with Emotional Intelligence to Build SALES INTELLIGENCE.

Did You Know?

Sell comes from the Scandinavian word Selja which means to Serve

What if someone had a mindset ‘to serve’ you with his/her business, how would you feel? That’s what your potential customers and clients want from you too.

With a mindset of ‘to serve’, your business will go to new level of success that you have always dreamed of. Your patrons will love you for it. And when your clients and customers love you, they will do your selling for you.

Would you like that for your business?


I am Pritha Dubey,
Your Success Vitamin Coach.
As a Leaders Excellence Certified Instructor, International Sales Trainer, Marshall Goldsmith certified Leadership Coach, Gender & Diversity Advisor, Keynote Speaker, I create fearless Sales Superstars who sell from the Heart.
Start your Transformation
with Success Vitamin

Sell without coming across as pushy. Have an ever-flowing sales funnel with qualified leads and a downpour of customers. Build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with your clients & vendors.

Yes you can achieve this!


Success Vitamin is not a training company, it’s a transformation lab. Sales Organisations, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Start-up Founders work with us to…

  • Generate High Conversions
  • Have a consistent Revenue Stream
  • Have a Steady Pipeline quarter on quarter
  • Design pitch proposals for High-value Deals
  • Develop Sales Leadership through Mentoring
Pritha Dubey

Corporate Sales Training

Get Scalable Results with our Proven Systems.

Pritha Dubey

Coaching &

Accelerate and take a Quantum Leap in your Business.

Pritha Dubey

The Woman Entrepreneur Academy

Turn your passion into a flourishing business.

Pritha Dubey


Learn, get trained to be Internationally Certified.



Use Sales Intelligence and create Victories for all involved in the Game.

By combining the science of selling with emotional intelligence, I build Sales Intelligence and create fearless Sales Superstars who sell from the heart.

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