I create fearless Sales Superstars who sell from the heart.

Welcome to the Dynamic World of Selling, the World of Serving!

Yes, my friend, I truly believe and live by this adage -

‘To Sell is To Serve’.

I will teach you to build a business that you dream about. You will love to sell and have fun with it also. Ready to fly on this Journey with me?

A bit about me

Best Sales Coach award by ET Now World Coaching Congress 2020

2 Decades of Rich Experience

Banking & Financial Services, Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Sales. Been there. Done it All!

Official member Forbes Coaches council 2020 - 2021

I share my views and opinions on my passion subject - sales, leadership, woman in sales, and more.

Proven, Value-Added Giveaways

Get sure-fire mantras of success with my hands-on experience in sales, leadership & entrepreneurship.

Performance change happens when there is an emotional shift in the professionals.

I combine the science of selling with emotional intelligence to build Sales Intelligence.

As a skilled facilitator and passionate mentor, I provide CEOs, Head of Business, Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Sales Professionals, and Woman Entrepreneurs; the tools they need to create a quantum leap on revenue numbers through a methodical process and an effective sales culture. 

I have also consulted sales organizations that have been struggling with a lack of consistent revenue month on month, sales teams that have issues of poor performance & low conversions, sales leaders who face the challenge of having to lead a team with low accountability.

Want to Create Sales Mega Stars?

My Affair with Sales

I am naturally an introvert whose gut starts to squirm when among a group of unknowns. To begin my professional career selling life insurance was not what an introverted, small-town girl would have aspired for. 

I started as a field executive and grew up the function to eventually head business development in BFSI, and HR industries.

Being a woman-in-sales, you can feel free to imagine the discrimination that I may have faced from clients.

Selling made me resilient, strong, patient, goal-oriented, tactful, persuasive, impressive, powerful, confident & independent. Sales made me grow as a human being.

Today, I make my coachees and workshop participants fall in love with Sales

Passionate about Woman-In-Sales

I believe in woman supporting woman. The Woman Entrepreneur Academy will move you from Confusion to Confidence in 90 days by working on Identity, Influence, and Income.

The unique format of The Woman Entrepreneur Academy program merges every aspect of a successful woman’s world – business tactics, money management, leadership, and sales guidance with engaging content.

Personal Sales-Booster

Music and Singing infuses energy, enthusiasm, and excitement in me and this preps me up with an upbeat mood. A bubbly, likable and cheerful personality will always have an edge in sales.

Get the insider secrets to The Success Vitamin. Come join me as we play the symphony of Sales, Leadership, and Success together. 

Selling is not only about 'Claiming Value', but it's also about 'Creating Value'.

~ Pritha Dubey