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Pritha Dubey is a leading Sales and Leadership Coach.

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She is Marshall Goldsmith certified Leadership Coach, Leaders Excellence Certified Instructor℠, Former Dale Carnegie Trainer, Certified Personal Brand Consultant, and an Official Member Forbes Coaches Council.

And has been regularly featured on Forbes showcasing her views and opinions on sales, leadership, coaching, and more.

Pritha recently won the Best Sales Coach award by ET Now World Coaching Congress 2020

She is a skilled facilitator and a coaching partner to many senior leaders in the Indian subcontinent.

As Creator and Founder of SUCCESS VITAMIN, she provides leaders, sales professionals, and women entrepreneurs the tools they need to harness the power within and live their lives in financial and emotional abundance.

Pritha Dubey’s story is as dynamic as her success.

Her success mantra comes from her personal experience that helped her scale up from being a financial consultant to being a highly successful business coach with a community of successful coaches. Throughout her journey, she employed the same practices that she teaches today.

She has spent over 18 years in the field of banking & financial services, human resource & learning & development. Her hands-on experience in sales, leadership, training & coaching helped her formulate the sure-fire mantras of success.

“The day i explored my hidden potential, my transformation started. Being aware of my power paved the way for my success. I knew i could share my insight with all those who wish to get in touch with their passion. Teaching leaders and women entrepreneurs that to move forward with pride and confidence… to create a legacy… to value their skills… can help them achieve success in every endeavour.”

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Her clientele includes entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and intrapreneurs.

She consults with large corporations on growing the effectiveness of their sales force.

And she also assists L&D teams of corporates to design and deliver immersion programs for their employees to bridge the competency gap.

Pritha is enthusiastic about all personality development work and believes that self-awareness is the key to making new choices about how you lead your life and business.

In addition to coaching leaders, she teaches women how to earn financial freedom based on her proven methodology of success. She works with women who aspire to have an inspirational career, work from the comfort of their choice to live a laptop lifestyle full of luxury and success. 

Her Programs on Sales, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and TTT (Train the Trainer) have been appreciated by professionals across the globe. Read the praises shared by past participants to see how Pritha has transformed people for more success. 

The unique format of her Women Entrepreneur Academy program merges every aspect of a successful women’s world – business tactics, money management, leadership and sales guidance with fashion content.

Her approach to coaching is what sets her apart – simple yet elegant, easy to follow, experiential and result oriented. 

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