Coaching & Consulting

Buyer demography & psychography is fast changing. The changing buying process post-pandemic has risen the need to adapt & modify the sales process.

Sales is not just art but it is a lot of science. While one has to be emotionally intelligent when dealing with another human, at the same time one has to be disciplined with a few processes that make selling easy and target achievement becomes a by-product.

Pritha Dubey

Coaching Sales Teams and Sales Leaders

Pritha Dubey

Fractional Sales

01. Coaching Sales Teams and Sales Leaders

An effective sales coaching can help you and your sales team

Organisations and individuals who know that transformation is not achieved by wielding a magic wand, value our long-term, guaranteed performance change interventions.

Our ADDIE model is fully utilized to

*We have our team of specialists to work parallelly across centres. 

**We have global partnerships to create weekly nudges for virtual engagements that generate result-driven reports. Contact for more details.

Get Started in Coaching your Leaders/ Sales Teams

02. Fractional Sales Consulting

An effective sales coaching can help you and your sales team

Fractional Sales Consultants at SUCCESS VITAMIN will work with you part-time & on short term contracts to help you with:

  1. Design, implement and reinforce the sales process
  2. Set BHAG goals 
  3. Drive accountability & ownership 
  4. Develop & coach salespeople
  5. Build an accurate & consistent pipeline 
  6. Hire/train new salespeople (as applicable)
  7. Hire and transition a permanent sales leader

Why should you hire a Fractional Sales Leader?

  1. You get an experienced sales consultant who knows how to find the pain area and design solutions around it 
  2. It frees up your time to focus on the strategic aspects that you as the business owner would like to lead. 
  3. You get talent who would take the load of revenue generation & market share off you and that too at a fraction of the price of the full-time hire. 

Let's help you grow faster with a smart sales strategy

Selling is not tough, making the person like you first is the most important & hard step.

~ Pritha Dubey