How to Create a Profitable Package for Your Business

Your ideal client interview will help you design your package and build a profitable business. You’ve found your niche. And we’ve also discussed how to develop your target market. So pick your ideal client or buyer persona from your target market.

Next, you have to start designing your service package.

Essentially, you are packaging your brilliance and selling it. You have to do it right so that your prospective clients are as ready to buy from you as possible.

So let us show you how to create a profitable package for your services:

Clarify what you want to sell

Your service packages will only be successful when your clients understand what you are trying to sell. What is it that you can offer to solve their issues? Are you clear on these points?

A good practice is to highlight the features, benefits and deliverables right up front for each package you are offering, so that clients can understand that you fit right into their expectations.

Keep it simple

You don’t have to offer the whole world on a platter!

Try to be specific in your package. Define the scope of work. Again, clarify what’s included and what is NOT included in each package you are offering to your clients.

Don’t leave room for assumptions.

Remember, you are familiar with the finer details of your packages. Your client isn’t. So if you keep things simple and easy to understand, there’s a higher possibility of the client hiring you immediately.

Test, Research, Refine

If you’re brand new in business, try to talk to ideal clients, take surveys, even search online to do the much-needed market research. And then tweak your package details accordingly.

However, if you’re already in business and pulling in clients, look at your sales data to understand what attracts your clients the most, what isn’t that popular, etc. This way you can push the popular packages harder, while working on the less-popular ones to make them more profitable.

And yes, this process never stops. You have to go on testing, researching, and refining your service packages to keep building a profitable business.

Otherwise, you are just handing over the profits to your competitors.

Now, over to you..

How are you designing your service packages? Do the above points on how to create a profitable package for your business help?

We would love to hear from you about your experiences. Share in the comments below.

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