A client came to me once with a peculiar issue. Whenever he would go for his client meetings with his subordinate, his clients would always perceive him as the junior and the subordinate as the senior. And this was hurting him, in having to prove his credibility every time with a new client. He would win over the clients eventually, but first impression was what he was worried about. The challenge was:

He Didn’t Look Like A Leader


After working with him to achieve the desired goal of looking like a Leader, I realized I can share some points with my readers as well. So do you look like a leader with whom people would want to do business? Here are some tips to up your game:

Look Better Than Everyone Else

Great leaders dress a little more nicely than the rest of the world. Margaret Thatcher always used to stand out as the best dressed person in the room( Watch Iron Lady)


Get the Right Fit

A proper fit ranks as the single most important decision when buying and wearing a suit. If the store doesn’t offer expert tailoring, spend the money to get it done right.


Flatter Yourself

Regardless of which colors you like, experts suggest you choose ones that “complement” your skin tone, hair, and eye color. A gray suit on a man with gray hair makes him look, well, gray, washed out, and plain.


Be Well-Heeled

People notice shoes. Believe it. When is the last time you checked your soles? Put as much thought into your shoes as you do the rest of your outfit.


Steer Clear of Distractions

Flashy or too-big earrings, necklaces, watch or belt buckle distract from the speaker. Accessories are just that — they accessorize, or complement, the rest of your wardrobe.


Be Culture-Appropriate

Dressing up like Steve Jobs at an Apple kind of an environment is entirely appropriate. But a banker who shows up for a client meeting dressed like Jobs would lose credibility.


Give Your Best Shot

Now that you look the part of a leader, make sure all your photographs reflect it. It’s shocking to see how many people take pictures for Web sites or brochures or LinkedIn when they look as though they’ve just left the gym.


Now, over to you..

Do you agree with the above tips I have shared with you? Is there any other tips you would like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Follow these simple tips to dress like a Leader, and make the right first impression.

Make the world your follower.