Fear is a created reality, it is not an actual reality. Fear is an outcome of negative, sad and depressing thoughts.

Fear of falling sick, failing, loosing a loved one, loss in business, not getting the desired results are all created reality and not actual as they are thoughts created in our mind and have not happened in current time and space.

But as the fact is thoughts create reality, due to this pattern of keeping fears we have for ourselves manifested these in our lives at some time as reality and then believed that what we fear is always true and then this becomes a pattern and conditioning.

You just have to break this pattern and conditioning. When you let go of your fears, you have automatically replaced them with positive and faith building thoughts and so the reality manifested is positive and that of happiness and prosperity.

For instance fear of falling sick has always kept your immunity low and so you believed that you always fall sick and the pattern kept repeating.

Now replace the fear of falling sick with faith and affirm that you enjoy good health and your body has an amazing immunity. The result would be great health and fit body.

The fear of loosing money or preparing for rainy days have put you in situations where you did loose money. Now affirm that you always have sufficient all the time and you prosper wherever you go and you will only receive most and more.

So recognise all areas of your life where you have fears and break the created reality and build the actual reality with faith, hope, trust and love.

This article is by Grace Agarwal Grace is a holistic coach and a new voice of positive thinking, ushers you into the life of your dreams. A recognized authority in the field of Motivational Speaking and as a Life Coach, Grace offers impactful programs for Sales and Marketing teams of reputed corporate houses. Read her inspirational articles in www.graceagarwal.com

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