Find Your NICHE

Stop trying to serve Everyone. Identify Your Niche to GROW!

The very first step towards building a flourishing Training & Coaching business is to Find Your Specialisation.
You may have heard the word Niche since the time you decided to become an independent trainer or coach. So,

What is a Niche?

How do you find yours?

Finding a niche is mandatory if you wish growth.  And you have to find it yourself.


Stop trying to serve everyone!
If your offerings are generic and you try to sell to everyone, you will sell to No One.


Remember, by being generic you are inviting competition, creating confusion among your prospects, and diluting your brand.

Download the reflection questions NOW to

find your niche.

Each question needs deep reflection.
Don’t be in a hurry!
Have complete clarity.

Why You Should Download Now

When I started as an entrepreneur a few years ago, I did a lot of research and had the privilege of being mentored by successful coaches. And that enabled me to create the much-needed Reflection Questions to Identify Niche.


If you have big dreams and a desire to live your life in abundance, you gotta start from Identifying Your Niche.

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