4 Tips to Improve Your Virtual Selling

Virtual selling can be a challenge for people who are more used to in-person sales. You might have been relying on facial and bodily cues to understand your prospects. But now that’s not possible due to social distancing. So here are my 4 tips to improve your virtual selling:

Invest on the Right Tools

Technology is your friend. While most tools are friends with you for free, there are some that you would have to pay for. Like that premium membership for Zoom. But don’t back out yet. Understand what you can gain from that premium add-ons and take the plunge.

When you invest on the right tools to connect with your prospects, you are in a much better position to negotiate well with your people.

Just imagine how bothersome it would be if your video calls keep getting dropped and there is no customer support to help you, just because you are on the Free plan. So invest and leverage your tools to get ahead!

Prep Well

Before COVID, you were meeting your clients and prospects directly. Having lunch dates. Or maybe just swinging by their office to follow-up on your conversations.

But that’s not possible anymore.

Now you have to rely on Zoom meetings to get ahead. But that’s not entirely a lost cause.

You can prepare well for each of your meetings, and show value from the moment you say Hello! Ask questions to keep the conversations flowing. And always set up a follow-up call at the end of each call.

There’s not much time for small talk but still that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your social bonds strong.

Tweak Your Sales Process

Update your sales process and framework to include today’s new normal. If earlier you were relying upon meeting prospects face-to-face, then tweak that step to be a Zoom call or just a phone call instead.

Working with an outdated sales process will induce awkward silences into your conversations, and you don’t want that.

Use Resources

Send virtual tours, presentations, forecasting data reports, analytics data, testimonials, etc. to your prospects. The more you educate your prospects about your products or services, the more they will get to know you and trust you. And the faster they trust you, the better.

Now, over to you..

Are you planning to use these 4 tips to improve your virtual selling? If you are not entirely sure on how to proceed with remote sales, talk to Pritha. And if you need help to guide your workforce in remote selling, let Pritha make this adaptation more comfortable and easy for you and your team.

Talk to us today!

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