4 Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Brand Archetype

We’ve been discussing on how to build your brand to be more successful in business. For more success, you can venture into the concept of brand archetype and why you need to know your brand archetype to drive more profits to your business.

So let’s start with the definition of brand archetype.

What is a brand archetype?

In simple terms, a brand archetype is a way to present your brand. The logos you use, the opinions you share, the messages you post, and the values you uphold – all are different ways to present your brand to the public eye.

By having a specific brand archetype, your brand can become more recognisable and relatable to your target audiences.

In the meantime, knowing your brand archetype can help you craft and achieve your business and communication goals and objectives.

Little more about brand archetypes

We won’t delve into the different types of brand archetypes, but here’s an example to understand the concept of brand archetype better.

Think Disney.

What do you think or feel when you come across the brand Disney?

For most people, Disney means magic, family, and happy endings.

And that’s the brand archetype of Disney.

Let’s take another example.

Think Apple.

What do you think or feel when you come across Apple products?

Again, for more people, Apple means innovation, creativity, and of course, expensive.

So that’s the brand archetype of Apple.

Why you need to know your brand archetype

Get clarity about your brand

By understanding the brand archetypes, you can figure out who you are and what you stand for with more clarity. Then you can understand how to connect emotionally with your target audiences.

Build deeper relationships

People connect with brands whose values reflect their own. So you can leverage your brand archetype to build deeper relationships with your customers and prospects.

Moreover, by connecting better with your audiences, you can gather more insightful feedback about your products and services from them. And this can lead to better versions of your services.

A win-win for all!

Share your story

Your story is unique, just like you are. And with your brand archetype, you can leverage that uniqueness to share a strong and unique story about your brand that builds recognition among your audiences.

Drive brand loyalty

When someone hires you, or purchases your product, they are not just buying a product or service. In fact, they are buying the meaning and reputation attached to your service or product.

Apple products are more coveted than any other phones in the world, even though those are so much more expensive. But still they are coveted in a cult-like passion. And that’s just one example of customer loyalty driven by brand archetypes.

So imagine the possibilities..

Now, over to you..

Your brand archetype is your unique brand personality that differentiates you from the rest of the competition within your industry. So don’t ignore it.

We’ve already listed the 4 reasons why you need to know your brand archetype. And if you need to pinpoint exactly which brand archetype you are, you can contact Pritha to get started.

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