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Our latest adventure – The Success Vitamin Talk with Pritha Dubey – brings you pearls of wisdom from experts on how to learn, to live and to grow. And to succeed in life.

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Season 2 – Episode 5

Meet our next guest Law of attraction coach – Avinash Anand Singh.

He helps people create little transformations within for a greater transformation to take place outside.

Learn more about “Law of Attraction” in this chat.

Season 2 – Episode 4

Our next guest on the Success Vitamin Talk with Pritha Dubey is Abhinav Goel, mentor to CAs, career coach & leadership coach.

In this chat, we are discussing how to acquire make ourselves employable during this time of COVID and beyond.

How do we nurture our career towards sustenance?

Season 2 – Episode 3

There are many types of workplace harassment and so many interpretations that even experienced people could miss the signs.

In this episode, Nikhil Mengde gives us a thorough understanding of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, which would help us be better equipped to help a victim deal with the experiences.

Nikhil is a practicing advocate, POSH trainer and also empanelled external member on the IC of many organisations shed light on this topic to help us know the POSH Act clearly.

Season 2 – Episode 2

Ted has an MBA from New York University and spent over 25 years as a senior corporate executive in the product, business and corporate strategy with both fortune 500 companies. He started as a professional actor on the stage in New York City.

In this episode, Ted discusses with Pritha The Simple Performance Techniques Borrowed From Theatre.

He offers tips to improve executive presence and presentation

Season 2 – Episode 1

Our first guest on the Success Vitamin Talk with Pritha Dubey Season 2 is Bob Pointer.

After his retirement as a detective with the City of London Police, Bob now specialises in helping professionals increase their conversational intelligence and transform their relationships using science-based techniques.

In this chat, we are discussing about dark psychology.

Season 1 – Episode 5

Our next guest on the Success Vitamin Talk with Pritha Dubey is Joy Sengupta, an Indian film and stage actor working in Bollywood and Bengali cinema as well as theatre.

In this chat, we are discussing about how to build your personal brand in a professional setting. How to bring out the individual personality and identity, yet be a team player.

Joy is an eminent theatre, TV and Film personality. Apart from acting, he also conducts various theatre-based developmental programs for kids.

Season 1 – Episode 4

Our next guest on the Success Vitamin Talk with Pritha Dubey is Dr. Ruchir Maheshwari, Senior Urologist at Max Saket Hospital in Delhi.

In this chat, we are discussing about how to manage stress and anxiety during lockdown. Watch the do’s and don’ts that we need to keep in mind while working from home, and also as we gradually venture out to attend office as the lockdown relaxes.

Dr.Ruchir is one of the top doctors in Urology at Max Healthcare, practicing in the city of Delhi. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Urology.

Season 1 – Episode 3

Our next guest on the Success Vitamin Talk with Pritha Dubey is Kavita Maiyani, Behavioural Skills Training Specialist.

In this chat, we are discussing about how to acquire new habits, change routines, and more, using the power of consciousness.

Kavita has invested the last 16 years into behavioural skills trainings across several sectors and audience profiles. Her focus is training needs analysis, customized content development, assessment and development centers, experiential learning, and showcasing ROI on trainings.

Season 1 – Episode 2

Our next guest on the Success Vitamin Talk with Pritha Dubey is Riddhi Doshi Patel, Parents Coach & Child Psychologist.

In this chat, we are discussing about parenting during lockdown. Watch the video to understand how to keep your child engaged during this lockdown.

Riddhi is a Tedx Speaker, Behavioral Coach, Performance Skill Trainer, Child Psychologist, Relationship Counseller, and Physchotherapist.

Season 1 – Episode 1

Our guest for the first episode of Success Vitamin Talk is Mayur Suvarna, the Man with the Golden Voice. We chat about how to pick up learning concepts from movies, especially during this lockdown period where a lot of us are watching more movies than ever.

Mayur is one of the leading Leadership Coach, Communication Coach, Voice Coach, and also a Voice-over Artist. He has done voiceovers in ads, documentaries and movies.

Stay tuned for more episodes every week!

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