I believe in transforming your sales perspective into a more profitable pipeline through the my exclusive services.

Pritha Dubey

Who is this for?

interested to know the secret to a continous sales funnel loaded with qualified leads and high-ticket conversions. This place is for you!
Corporate Sales Training 
Creating high-performing sales teams while transforming the individuals to believe their inner super-power as Champions. Especially post-pandemic the consumer behaviour and psychology towards sales have changed significantly. In today’s digital times, lead generators and nurtureres needs the sales best practices to scale.  It’s all about mindset, emotional intelligence and science behind selling. We train your sales team to be the Champions in the industry.
Coaching and Consulting
Coaching the sales team and sales leader on the modernised aspects of sales which is much needed in the post-pandemic era. People don’t buy the product, they buy the transformation they get from it. We also have fractional consultation for the leaders and your team to guide you through the business process and model. Hence in success vitamin transformation lab, be ready to change the sales mindset and become successful in your industry.
Women Entrepreneur Academy
The world is your oyster when you have financial freedom, time freedom and decision making freedom. These are luxuries for women like you out there. What if the dream of becoming a leader in your space is injected with high sales steroid where you get to learn to sell and build your business venture into a success. In this academy we help you with customized support, proven tools and business ideas and specific guidance to build your dream business.
Academy of Sales Mastery 
Learn from instructor led programs, informative and actionable sales courses, best-selling Ebooks and listen to podcast where you will get access to bite-sized sales nuggets. All of these just created and curated to excel your sales mastery by the sales expert Pritha Dubey. Through these digital assistance, gain the confidence to master any sales call. Learn, experiment, execute and convert those high ticket clients in self-paced learning modules available for at the store.

Use Sales Intelligence and create Victories for all involved in the Game.

By combining the science of selling with emotional intelligence, I build Sales Intelligence and create fearless Sales Superstars who sell from the heart.

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