Here’s what our participants are saying..

Thanks for the wonderful training. After your training, I now avoid procrastination. I submit all my work on time. 
Before your training, many times I felt negativity inside me, but now I am always positive. Your training has helped me to work with my team and personal relationships better. 

Participant, Misc programs

To make people understand is the hardest job in this world, and you do it effortlessly. I saw a lot of trainers over my 20-year career and before that a lot of teachers, but you are the ONE. Respect!

Participant, Misc programs

You are a great teacher. You are transforming lives. After your training, I decided to take a look at the positive sides only, and it made me look at the whole picture from a different perspective. Can’t thank you more!

Sales TTT Program

A Trainer is like an Artist who knows how to mould his words and present it in the most artistic way. In this money-grabbing world where everyone is thrashing each other to earn more and more money, a Trainer is the only person who works in the personality development of people around him and wants them to dive into the sea of impossibilities, and explore everything which come across their way.

Training is the process in which a trainer demonstrates monotonous content into the most artistic, yet simple way, which is quite easy to understand and remember.

Trainer who is able to engage his audience, always own his sessions.

I believe you are the complete package of all the above qualities which a trainer should posses, Pritha Ma’am.

Thank you.



Pritha is an intelligent, warm, and thoughtful professional who understands her industry very well and who is in equal parts an operations leader, a customer service leader, and a marketer. What stands out about Pritha is her clarity of thought, deep compassion and insightful coaching which are traits worth emulating. Her approach to people is very endearing and that is visible in their joy and love of their jobs. Pritha is analytical and does not shy away from details. What’s equally amazing is the ability to think out of the box by not going against the system, but complementing and supplementing the system. She is an excellent mind reader and understands the pulse of an individual to make them feel at ease in their work place but also ensuring there is no loss of focus- a wonderful human being with immense knowledge and a charming and creative colleague with a great sense of humor.
Mayur Suvarna


The words will not do justice for what Pritha does. Still if words are required to highlight:

She is just not a Trainer or a Facilitator, she is a Magician who spell bounds her audience with abundance of knowledge which is vast as universe & humbleness which will put even Mt Everest to shame.

The way she conducted TTT for my Training Managers, it was purely majestic. The changes are visible in team instantly and that speaks highly of the Training Quality which was delivered back to back. Despite all the hectic travel, she gave more than 100% effort on each and every participant is really commendable. For my entire Team she came like an angel who changed their lives.

Looking forward for more Learnings from the ocean of Knowledge

Vikalp Sharma


You are such an amazing mentor who has helped me ask my inner self who I am. Such an inspiration! I was not happy with where I was because I was not meant for that. Your training changed my life. I learnt to be myself.

Sales TTT Program

Mam Pritha Dubey,
She has the power to build the best environment in her sessions.
She has the best way to resolve the queries of the audience.
She has the best skills to deliver the sessions.
She gives me real-time solution for my career growth, and she understood very quickly where we required her help.
I felt the change in my working style & myself, even as I participated in the sessions.
So thank you, Mam.
Gaurav Negi

Participant, Sales TTT Program

Fun filled learning!!
Real life scenarios make us learn more efficiently.
Her magical words create a drama in our thoughts, which is the best way to remember anything.
Her way of explanation is like trance music, every attendee is mesmerized with her velvet voice.
Yes you guessed it right!!
She is none other than Ms. Pritha Dubey
Thank you so much Ma’am, for enhancing our performance and training delivery skills.
Thanking you from bottom of my heart!!
Mayank Sureka

Participant, Sales TTT Program

New dimension unveiled with this training program. Happy to be part of this. To learn, to grow a step. Pritha’s sessions really supported us. I am a new person today. I am hoping to look forward to use these skills to build myself and my team.

Participant, Sales TTT Program

Pritha is an amazing Trainer. Her training sessions are never boring. The way she handles a training is very unique and always creative, which will be very effective.
Her training inspires a lot of confidence in us, resulting in our trainings being very effective too.
After her training, I’ve felt the changes in me and my performance. Besides this, she is an amazing person with a very positive attitude. I look forward for more learnings.

Participant, Sales TTT Program

Pritha is very smart and talented professional. What I felt remarkable about her, is her personality and profound knowledge of the subject. She has one of the most important skill that a trainer should have i.e. keeping trainees engaged throughout the session. Besides this she is amicable and has an art of dealing with people.
Neha Manori

Participant - Talent Development Program, 2015

Let no man in the world live in delusion, without a GURU none can cross over to other shore’ This very old belief also highlights the importance of a GURU. I have been luck to meet Pritha who is one such coach/trainer. She excels in great communication, innovative thinking, professionalism, Industry knowledge. She was able to remember not only our names in few seconds of training but also connect with the trainees in no time. Pritha comes with very unique mindset as a trainer hence I really recommend her
Rahul Singh

Participant - Facilitation Skills Workshop, 2015

Pritha is very highly skilled and helped us during the executive presentation skills training. Her way of teaching is highly motivating and encouraging.
Ashish Banerjee

Participant - Presentation Skills Program, 2015

Pritha is a gifted trainer. She has unique and effective way of analyzing client’s limitations following which she comes up with a list of adaptive and personalized solutions. Pritha has trained me and few of my batch mates during CITI’s induction training sessions on various effectiveness and leadership skills. She possesses creativity and a vast knowledge on various up fronts. She is effective and indeed a good person.
Prabhjot Singh

Participant - Professional Development Programs, 2014, 2015

Natural Trainer !! concepts are Made to Express Naturally, Pritha s training on concepts have been so uneffortlessly helping in profession. Her Training session Keep you Oblivion Free!!

Gratitude Pritha!

Jayant Javalagi

Participant - Relationship-Based Selling Program, 2014

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