Pritha has won the Best Sales Coach Award at the World HRD Congress 2020

We are proud to announce our founder, Pritha Dubey, has won the Best Sales Coach award at the recent ET Now World HRD Congress 2020 & World Coaching Congress.

These Best In Class Coaching Leadership Awards are given to the best coaches across different competencies who have enabled professionals to excel in their performances with great results. Each award has been awarded after extensive evaluations by different councils headed by senior leaders in the industry.

Success Vitamin would like to convey a special thanks to our clients and corporates, who have provided continued trust and support in her coaching methods. We are now motivated to work even harder on our sales programs. Our goal is to make sales less intimidating, and Pritha is determined to enable you with the science of sales to find your desired results.

“I am grateful and thankful for your continued trust and support in my coaching methods that has made this day possible. This award has motivated me to work harder on my sales programs and make sales less intimidating to professionals. All those who understand the science and the simplicity of the process will find their results happening as a by-product.”

– Pritha Dubey

We congratulate Pritha on this great achievement!


World HRD Congress brings together professionals from over 133 countries. It focuses on the elements such as HR Tech, Diversity and Inclusion or women leaders in HR, and much more. This event provides immense opportunity to acquire skills and contribute to the organisation.

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