Face reading is a valuable tool to discover your true nature — and the true natures of those around you.

You can learn more about a person’s personality, abilities and talents just by observing their facial and head movements and cues.

How can Face Reading help you?

As a Trainer or Coach, face reading will help you in :

  • Assessing the different behaviour patterns of your clients.
  • Reading cues from their facial and head movements.
  • Gauging their thoughts and perspectives.
  • Teaching your students body language.

As a leader, you can leverage face reading to:

  • be aware what your employees experience and manage your people more effectively.
  • know which roles your employees will thrive in and benefit your organisation.

As a professional, you can leverage face reading to:

  • better negotiate with your supervisor(s) and get what you want.
  • build better relationships with those around you.

As a HR professional, you can leverage face reading to:

  • interpret the facial expressions of your candidates accurately.
  • ensure your hired candidates are in the right positions.

As a sales professional, you can leverage face reading to:

  • see what your potential clients are not saying with their words.
  • interpret what not to do in your dealings with them.

How can Success Vitamin help you with Face Reading?

Success Vitamin, in association with Trust2Learn, brings you this fascinating course on face reading by Bob Pointer at a highly discounted price.

Our latest offering is the About Face Course by Bob Pointer.

Bob is a leading communications consultant and law enforcement veteran who will introduce you to a practical science-based approach to reading the observable facial and head movements and cues of those around you.

After his retirement as a detective at the City of London Police, Bob specialized in helping professionals increase their conversational intelligence and transform their relationships using science-based techniques.

This course will help you become more effective, successful and empathetic with those around you.

About Face Course

The main aim of the About Face programme is to improve your awareness regarding how to present yourself in a more positive manner and better tune in to wants and needs of others.

The head is the focal point in our face to face interactions and transmits a wealth of information to the informed observer.

We form opinions and make judgements about others. This can be both consciously and unconsciously done. It is based on the words we hear, but also on the messages transmitted through facial and head movements.

Whether we may like it or not the face provides evidence of inner thoughts, feelings and intentions, supporting or in some instances conflicting with what is being said.

Therefore, understanding what is said and what is meant, can add real value to both our business and personal relationships.

This course includes

2 hour on-demand video

3 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Objectives of the About Face Course

By undertaking this course you will better understand;

  • What science tells us.
  • The benefits and potential pitfalls of actively employing a behavioural approach to relationships.
  • How to use a systematic approach to Identify, assess and respond to signals being transmitted through movements of the head and face.
  • How to use this new knowledge to better read others and manage your own behaviour in routine day to day interactions.

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