Did you know that you can get your IBCT certification in India? Success Vitamin is the global partner of the International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT) in India now. Pritha is the local focal point of IBCT in India. We certify trainers at three levels via a World-Class Multi-Level train-the-trainer Program.

What is IBCT Certification?

Organizations are increasingly relying upon the skills of their internal trainers to:

  • identify needs,
  • craft solutions, and
  • deliver results that support organisational growth and prosperity.

To meet these expectations, trainers need to be well versed and proficient in a multitude of skill areas. And that’s where IBCT comes in.

IBCT is the World’s leading Certification Provider in Training & HRD founded in 1988. It is the World’s first not-for-profit certification body in the field of corporate training and workplace learning industry.

IBCT aims to continuously improve the profession of training and talent development and its public perception.

Train-The-Trainer programs provided by Success Vitamin and IBCT

  • disseminate the international standards in training,
  • promote sustainable human resource development,
  • prepare training professionals to become qualified, and
  • support them to stay job fit.

These programs provide

  • heightened awareness,
  • greater understanding of techniques and tools,
  • enhanced overall skills, and
  • a higher degree of effectiveness to the trainees.

Why is IBCT Certification important?

With a certificate from IBCT, you can stand out of the crowd. You can:

  • Advance your career as a trainer. You have been trained and certified by the very first certification body in the field of corporate training.
  • Improve your skills as a trainer with greater confidence in applying the new know-how and skills in their jobs.
  • Boost your income as a certified trainer, as compared to a peer without any certification.
  • Get preferably hired since industry certifications are preferred during the hiring process.
  • Measure employees’ performance, since certification provides status & gives employers a benchmark/standards for measuring the same.

IBCT Certification – Associate Trainer Level

The IBCT train-the-trainer programs, exams, and certification audits are the most respected around the world. These IBCT certification training programs start with AT, followed by CPT and CT/HRDC. To attend a higher level, one must complete the previous level.

The study load of the IBCT Train-The-Trainer program is a mixture of face-to-face sessions, self-study and home assignments.

As a IBCT Certified Associate Trainer, you will receive:

  • International recognition as a qualified trainer (AT). It is your professional path to the training profession.
  • An Internationally Endorsed Certificate.
  • The IBCT Training License Card.
  • The right to use the IBCT Associate Trainer (AT) Hallmark in all printed and virtual matters.
  • The privilege of adding your name & credentials to the international ‘AT’ Directory on the IBCT website.
  • One year of eCoaching.
  • Access to the IBCT LinkedIn professional group.

To learn more about IBCT certification, visit our TTT Programs page.

Important COVID Note:

Registration is open. But our IBCT programs have not started yet, due to COVID-19 pandemic.

An internal task force at IBCT meets every week to monitor the situation with COVID-19. They are in close communication with us to resume our training programs once it’s safe.