The art of sales is inherently associated with objections. But you can overcome sales objections by building a sense of credibility, trust, and re-framing the way your buyer sees what you’re selling.

Let’s dig in deeper into sales objections..

First, think of sales objections as a good thing.

For you, the salesperson, a sales objection means the prospect has enough interest to engage with you. This is an opportunity you can use to learn more about the prospect’s needs and then show them the value your solution can offer them.

So spend time preparing for objections your prospects might have because poor objection handling can ruin your perfect sales pitch.

How to Handle Sales Objections

As a sales professional, it’s absolutely necessary to understand and be prepared for the most common sales objections.

The first step in overcoming sales objections is asking your prospect open-ended questions that probe deeper into what’s behind their objection.

Take this opportunity to cater better to the prospect’s needs.

Don’t ask “why?”

“Why” doesn’t clarify. It questions the validity of the prospect’s objection and that puts the prospect on defensive mood.

Instead, ask this ⤵️

“Can you help me understand what’s causing that concern?””

By asking this question, you are asking the why without uttering the word “why”. It’s less threatening, and puts your prospect in a much friendlier mode to let you dig deeper (and move closer to your goal of closing that deal!)

Use questions to handle all types of objection.

Here’s how it works:

  • Repeat the last few words of your prospect’s sentence.
  • And do it with an upward voice tone (like you’re asking a question).

Doing so triggers your prospect to elaborate.

The key is to PAUSE and let your prospect further explain.

In Conclusion

If you gave up after every sales objection, your pipeline would wilt completely.

So when faced with sales objections, don’t lose sight of your goal. Instead, try to overcome sales objections using the tactics mentioned above.

Employ the right tactics to overcome whatever objections may come up during your discussions. Focus on strengthening your relationships with prospects to overcome the obstacles in the buying process, and move closer to the sale.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But you need to learn these tactics, and invest hours to prepare for sales objections before you pitch.

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