As we work in a post-COVID world, one important fact has come up – Your Sales Funnel Needs a Makeover!

We are living in the new normal. And there have been major changes to the customer’s buying behaviour, like:

  1. Hygiene factors have taken precedence
  2. Spending power has shifted
  3. Digital experience is preferred

These have affected brand loyalty in a customer. Customers are now swift to change brands if the above criteria are not met as per their expectations. And this change in mindset calls for a new model of sales.

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For instance, customers are completing 57% of a buying cycle before coming into contact with a sales rep.

The customers now want to be involved with the brand. If a sales rep continues to follow the traditional sales funnel, it may lead to frustration.

Therefore, businesses should invest their resources to:

  • Serve the existing customers first
  • Leverage the existing customers to sell
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What this means for a sales leader and businesses is that energy has to be directed towards engaging the existing customers and converting them to advocates.

The businesses will have to generate positive experience stories of the customers to attract new customers. The team performance metrics should measure client:

  • Engagement
  • Involvement
  • Awareness

What can your team do?

  • Engage with clients on social media
  • Share industry-specific information on a timely basis
  • Conduct educational webinars that will help them manoeuvre the new technology or process
  • Have readily accessible information
  • Make contacting you effortless
  • Ensure their digital experience is hassle-free
  • Keep sharing happy experiences of other customers
  • Build a community of happy customers

Give the sales funnel the much-needed makeover

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In Conclusion

Now can you understand why your sales funnel needs a makeover?

We are living and working in the new normal where customer purchasing trends have changed. You have to update your business processes and workflows to keep up with these changing times. And you have to update your sales funnel to be able to cater to your customers and prospects.

Use my tactics listed above to give a makeover to your sales funnel and workflows.

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