Book a 1:1 Consulting Session with Pritha

A 1:1 consulting session with Pritha is an exclusive opportunity for you to discuss your questions on leadership, selling skills, entrepreneur, and more to become more successful.

What to Expect

By the end of your consultation, you will be able to:

📍Identify your goals & desires

📍Explore your agenda in life

📍Create strategies to achieve the goals and the agenda

📍Take action and Be accountable

📍Develop the necessary skills to succeed

📍Create a personal brand to reckon with

If  you are starting up in your profession – this program will give you the right tools and techniques to establish yourself

If  you are stuck in your growth path – this program will help you identify the obstacles and create clear action plan that will accelerate your growth.

How do We Do This?

Warm up – This session is about understanding self, the issues floating on the surface, personal motivation that drives you, the goals that you wish to achieve, the short-term agenda that’s on your mind. The warm up usually runs for 2 sessions and sometimes trickles to a 3rd .

Comfort Zone – In this session you will undergo assessments to identify the current skill level, the gap between your desired and current level, the most critical areas of improvement that is hindering the growth. This is usually done in 2 sessions

Grow Zone – You will start creating plans, action steps, understand the tools, techniques and models to implement. There will be feedback & feedforwards to work upon, create strategies that would work the best for you. Implement the plan, analyze the output, redesign or re-skill, measure the success. This may take 10-12 or even more sessions.

Follow Up – We stay by your side to keep you on track, support you on need basis and ensure you follow your accountability chart.

    Who can Book a private Coaching?

    📍 An organization looking to develop a few or one of its leaders to the next level.

    📍 A organization wishing to improve the leadership skills of an individual

    📍 An individual leader struggling to grow

    📍 A sales consultant wanting to close big ticket deals

    📍 A sales leader looking for a quantum leap in the team’s performance

    📍 First time manager

    📍 Women entrepreneur either starting up or unable to scale up.

    Once you send this request, you will be receiving a questionnaire from Team Success Vitamin.

    Your consulting session (date and time) will be fixed only if Pritha selects you based on your responses to the questionnaire, so fill it out to the best of your abilities.

    Good luck!