Sales Competence Assessment

How Qualified Are YOU in Sales?

What do these have in common?

  • Getting a response back from your prospects.
  • Closing deals.
  • Prospecting qualified leads.
  • Engaging with multiple decision makers at a company.
  • Avoiding discounting.
  • Virtual selling.

These are the top challenges faced by sales professionals around the world. To beat these sales challenges, sales professionals need to be agile.

Simply possessing selling skills is not enough. As a Sales professional, you need the ability to think on your feet. That is, read the selling scenario and understand which skill is needed at that moment.

You also need the ability to transition from one skill to another as seamlessly and spontaneously as possible to engage with a variety of stakeholders. This type of competency will drive your success.

So, are you ready to:

  • Measure your capabilities across 18 critically important sales competences?
  • Identify your Sales Mindset to remove the obstacles from your path to success?
  • Find your Sales Excuse Index to reinforce your focus on actions that actually produces closed deals?

At Success Vitamin, we are ready to give you the data you need to become a Sales Megastar!

Who Can Apply?

  • Sales Managers
  • VPs and Directors of Sales
  • CEO’s
  • Business owners
  • Sales Trainers and Coaches
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales Professionals who want to improve

What is Included?

  • Sales Competence Scores for 18 critically important areas
  • Sales Mindsets to identify obstacles to success
  • Ranking of Sales Roles matches, from high to low
  • Percentage Matches for different types of sales roles
  • Match Percentages Breakdowns by 18 Competences for each sales role
  • Excuse Index® to clearly identify how focused a person is to sell
  • Individual Scores to assess the current level of sales proficiency