Become a Sales Megastar. Be your company’s USP.

The professionals who may never fear of layoffs in any economic downturn are the High Potential Sales professionals.

  • You are the revenue generator
  • You are the brand maker
  • You are the relationship that your clients value.

In short, you have to be your company’s USP!

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Of course, it’s not going to be easy to become the star of the showWhether you are a hunter or a farmer, some of the challenges you face may be related to:

  • That benchmark conversion ratio that’s been alluding you since a long time
  • That premium deal that you have not been able to crack till now
  • The relationships that you could not leverage
  • You still having to scout for customers
  • You cringing when you hear the word “Negotiation”
  • You objecting every Objection

But now, sweat no more…

Selling is as much a Science as it is Art. You have developed the art. Now come, learn the science at Success Vitamin.

How Do the Sales Programs work?

  • We utilise a holistic approach to reach the root-cause issues to help you overcome your challenges.
  • Our teaching include tried and tested learning models that have been researched and applied.
  • In sales, one size never fits all. Therefore, we contextualize.
  • Our learning journey begins with your result in mind. We support you post intervention to help you achieve the goal.

Benefits of our Sales Programs:

  • Learn how to sell value from customer’s point of view
  • Develop Unique Buying Points of your product or service
  • Learn to apply negotiation tactics
  • Display confidence & comfort during each negotiation
  • Resolve Conflict and achieve win win situation

Choose from the following Sales Megastar Programs

Sales Competence Assessment

Get your individual Sales Competence Assessment Report which:

  • assesses 18 sales competences,
  • identifies your Sales Mindset,
  • lets you know your Sales Excuse Index.

Sales Consulting

Our consulting program thoroughly

  • assesses your sales strategies, techniques, process and people,
  • evaluates the gaps to design and implement the most relevant solution that will enhance sales force effectiveness.

Sales Training

Our practical sales modules are available in classroom as well as virtual platforms. We offer standard and tailor-made programs to suit your need & budget.

Sales Coaching

Hire a sales coach to ensure your sales leadership team drives the revenues and maintains employee engagement.

*All modules are also available on live online format
* All modules could be customised to suit a homogenous group.
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