Sales objections are opportunities to learn more about your prospects’ needs. Don’t let objections defeat you. Instead, use the following strategies to handle objections and close deals faster:

When you practice your sales pitch, practice objection handling too!

Most times, sales professionals miss out on practicing or researching how to handle sales objections that might come up once they start talking to their prospects.

You must be prepared for what is coming at you – draft responses to common objections from your leads and commit those to memory. And when you are meeting a potential buyer, listen attentively and demonstrate that you truly understand their concerns.

Use scripts

You might be following a script to pitch deals, so why not follow a script to handle objections?

What you can do is list out the most common objections you’ve encountered in the past, or may encounter in the future. Then you list out 1-3 sentence responses for each that addresses those objections in a confident and compelling manner.

Remember, you don’t have to recite these scripts word-for-word. Just use these as guides, not maps!

Network with others to learn how they handle objections

There are lots of ways to network with other sales professionals within your own industry, as well as across different industries. The key is to be open to networking. You can network online via social media platforms and emails. And you can network offline at networking events, trade shows, etc.

While networking, you can discuss how your connections are handling objections on their own, and pick up tips and tricks of the trade too.

Remember to build rapport with your connections before inviting them to divulge their tips and tricks.

Don’t wing it!

Trying to resolve sales objections in real time is fine. After all, you don’t want the prospect to get away from you. But being unprepared and making up things on the spot just to keep the prospect hooked will land you in trouble.

Instead, ask questions. If you need more time, ask for a follow-up. And if you need more information from the prospect, don’t hesitate to ask more.

Now, over to you..

Employ these strategies to handle objections that may come up during discussions with your prospects. Focus on strengthening your relationships with them to overcome the obstacles in the buying process, and move closer to the sale.

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