What is the True Meaning of Women Empowerment?

What do you think is the true meaning of women empowerment? Who do you think as an empowered woman?

Some people can give the example of Mary Kom as an empowered woman, while some might agree that Sonam Kapoor isn’t. But who is right?

In our opinion, it’s all about CHOICES.

As a woman, you should have the capacity to make choices and transform those choices into actions and outcomes. You should possess self-worth, confidence and freedom to choose your needs and requirements. And then work to achieve the same.

As a man, you should give the opportunity to the women around you to make choices, whether in education, employment, decision-making, health, lifestyle, and beyond. Lend the trust and support to the women around you to choose for themselves.

Women Empowerment in the Corporate World

The career paths of men and women in the corporate world are drastically different as they climb up the corporate ladder.

If as a female you are given favourable assignments, as compared to your male counterpart, you are subjected to innuendos and criticism. It’s not about expertise or qualifications.

And on the other hand, if as a female you are often overlooked and given “safer” projects to work on, that’s equally bad. Again, it has nothing to do about a person’s expertise or qualifications. It comes down to gender.

This type of gender bias is prevalent everywhere you look. And that is a huge hindrance to women empowerment.

If you want empowered women in your organisation, give them to choice to choose. When they want to work on a project, choose the right person based on qualifications, not gender. If they want to work overtime to achieve deadlines, let them, while ensuring their safety.

Let them find their voices and drive your organisation forward.

How can you Empower Women?

Women need to know that they don’t need anyone’s permission to follow their dreams. That’s the true meaning of women empowerment.

When one has the support and trust of their community to work on their goals, that’s women empowerment.

And it can all begin with creating spaces where women can participate actively and communicate effectively.

Empowerment, in its simplest form, is people have control over their own lives. As long as that sense of trust and support can be conveyed to the women from their respective communities, women empowerment will prevail.

How else can you empower women? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I try to help women be empowered, try to be supportive. I follow the #HeForShe movement.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, OperationAwesome6 Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

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