Virtual Selling or remote selling is here to stay, thanks to COVID-19. But there’s still confusion on what is virtual selling. While some think remote selling is just the easy way of selling, while there are some who don’t believe remote sales is possible in their lines of work.

So what exactly is virtual selling?

Virtual selling is selling your products or services without being face-to-face with your buyer. Instead, you are using tools like Zoom, Calendly, Google Calendar, Slack, etc. to sell virtually to your customers.

Selling remotely is comparatively more difficult since you have to rely on your chosen video calling software to “read” your customer. And with so less personal contact, it’s difficult to build rapport with your prospect and close any deal.

Still, virtual selling is here to stay. So you need to skill up to sell remotely.

Here’s a quick Tip to sell virtually:

Provide value from the first minute.

Ditch those irrelevant small talks. People don’t have the time, do they?!

Instead, try the following:

  • Grab their attention with an award-winning conversation starter.
  • Drive the discussion towards value creation.
  • Make it safe for your prospects to share their problems.

How to Get Started in Remote Selling

In virtual selling, the sales process doesn’t change, only the “How to go about it” changes.

It requires communication that involves audio, video, lighting, technology & tools to engage and build a relationship with your clients.

In a B2B sales setup, where there are multiple stakeholders, the very skill of people management remotely requires scrutiny.

Mastering remote sales needs the sales team to upgrade themselves on the following:

  • Prospecting
  • Technology
  • Rep’s competency
  • Digital transactions
  • Presentation of the solution.

Now, over to you..

It’s 2021 now. 2020 is over, and by now your customers have already adapted themselves to the new normal.

The sooner you develop the expertise of remote selling, the faster your organisation will take lead.

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