The success of your business depends on how much you know about your target market. Their pain points, where they exist, their expectations, and more. The more you can define your target market, the better you can find ways to appeal to them to buy from you. And that’s why I’m sharing these 4 tips to find your target market:

Know Your Competition

Your competition is already dealing with your target market. So it’s a good idea to stalk and spy on your competitors to find the details of your target market.

While you won’t be able to access their sales records, you can look up your competitors online to know who are interacting with them, where, and how. And then you can emulate the same.

Employ Digital Listening Tools

There are specific digital listening tools like Google Alerts, Mention, etc. that you can employ to find about your brand, or topics that you cover. Or you can just save advanced searches on Twitter to find your target audience.

You can even join the Twitter conversations that are related to business. But in a non-creepy manner. And get more insights into what your target market wants.


Sometimes asking around can help you find and understand your target market so much better than sitting idle and making incorrect assumptions.

Email the people you know about the problems your company is trying to solve. Do they need your services? Or maybe they can refer you to the ones that do? You won’t be able to know until you ask. So ask.

Create Ideal Personas

What you do might not be exactly what your audience cares about. So start with the ideal audience persona(s). You can focus on the who, what, where, when, and why to get started.

You can also consider age, location, education, occupation, etc. to refine the target personas.

Now compare this with the data from the previous steps. That’s your target market!

Now, over to you..

Did you find this list of tips useful? What have you done to find your target market?

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