We’ve discussed how to package your services for more profit, and now here are the 4 tools to package your services right. These will help you sell more quickly, give more clarity to your customers to buy swiftly from you, and of course, drive your business to more success.

Bundle It Up

When you have to offer robust and comprehensive offer to your clients, you choose this tool.

For example, you might run a training agency that focuses on communication training for corporates. So you can expand your offering to include other forms of training like leadership skills, interpersonal skills, etc.

This way, your clients will look to you as a soft skills provider, instead of just a communication skills provider.

Build Service Hierarchy

This tool is useful to you if you have clients with different needs and different budgets. By offering services at different levels, you are giving more choices to your clients, thus encouraging upsell.

For example, you are running a training agency that offers 3 levels of services – starter, gold, and diamond.

As the name suggests, the starter package is an inexpensive option with less number of offers, as compared to the gold and diamond packages. This gives your client the opportunity to try out your services at the starter level, and once you hook them in with great service and quality work, you can offer the other packages as per their budgets.

Focus on Process

There are clients out there who won’t look at your existing packages. They would want you to give them custom packages. So how do you package those right?

It’s simple, really.

You can focus on the process itself. What you will do is spell out your entire service process in the scope of work section of your proposal, and price it accordingly.

The way you detail each step of your service from starting to finish will showcase your expertise and help build trust with the client.

For example, you are running a training agency. So you can detail all the steps involved in completing a 4-day training schedule – from visiting the jobsite and compiling an estimate, to doing the actual work of interacting and training their employees, and then getting paid.

This way the client is aware of what they can expect from you, every step of the way.


People change. Circumstances change. So you have to keep updating your services at a regular pace. This is one of the most important tools to package your service right and drive more profits for your business.

For example, as a training agency hit by the COVID lockdown, you are now offering online training instead of relying on classroom trainings.

So you have to tweak your service packages to do that instead. Offer online training modules that are easy to digest by the consumers, while still conveying the same amount of information as you used to do in classroom trainings.

Now, over to you

By following the above 4 tools, you can package your services right. Just keep in mind that you need to stay attuned to evolving technologies, ever-changing requirements of customers, and nowadays, the world – case in point: COVID pandemic.

It revolutionised the way we buy and sell. So be aware and adapt to drive your business forward.

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