How Writing a Book Can Build Your Brand

How do you position yourself as an industry leader? What can you do to make your audience trust your word and hire you for your expertise?

Simple branding tactics won’t work anymore. There is so much cut-throat competition nowadays that you have to rise above your competition to grab your prospect’s attention. And the best way to build your brand is by writing a book.

There are many ways writing a book can build your brand. Here are the top 4 reasons you should definitely think of (and invest in) writing a book to build your brand:

Increase Visibility

By writing a good book which showcases your expertise you can increase your visibility. Just think, people will come across your profile not just from your social media or word of mouth. By putting out your book on Amazon, you can boost your exposure to more people who are looking for your products or services.

With this increased visibility, you can garner more attention and attract more new business opportunities across different platforms – online and offline.

Establish Authority

You are an industry leader and you’ve written a book to showcase your expertise. So what better way to defend your position as an industry leader?

Your book(s) speak of your knowledge, expertise and experience. And that builds your authority.

Create Legacy

You’re sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. So basically you are passing it on to others. And that’s your legacy.

If you can write niche book, instead of a broad book, it can cement your legacy too. Think about it – there are so many sales trainers, but only a handful of sales leadership trainers. These handful dominate that niche and are able to rise above the competition with this personal branding tactic.

More Opportunities

Writing a book can build you brand in ways that is difficult to forecast. You can get speaking opportunities. There may be brand collaboration proposals. And what not.

By writing a book, you can reverse your sales process itself. With a good book that really helps your audience, you can actually have new clients coming in and pitching you to work with them, instead of the usual process of you finding new clients.

Now, over to you..

We have talked about how to find your niche in business. And we have talked about how to find your target market. Then we have discussed the different ways to package and price your services. So do you feel ready to start (improve) your business?

Just remember that you have to build a brand for your business to become successful in your niche. And one of the best ways to build a brand is by writing a book.

So what are your thoughts on becoming a book author? We would love to know.

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